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About Paw Pics

Sammies, My Inspiration

The wonderful world of dogs was opened to me with my first Samoyed, Magic's Snow Pilot. I just couldn't get enough of them, so he was followed by Yukon's Flight of Fantasia, Ch Azteca's Blue Max CD, Ch Azteca's Barnstormer, Ch Azteca's Memphis Belle, Ch SnoFlyte's Gypsy Flyer, SnoFlyte's Rare Bear and of course there was Gus. Gus was a rescued German Shepherd who truly thought he was a Sammy and taught several Sammy puppies "the ropes"! The house was filled with antics, love, fun and lots of white (and black) hair. I am still enamored with Samoyeds on a daily basis. After studying photography for a number of years, I've now turned my lens on the Samoyed. I hope to capture some of that true paper eating - shoe stealing - playful spirit of the Samoyed and their warm and loving expression in my pictures.

Artist Statement

God's creation is all around us. It is my goal to catch a glimpse of His Love. Be it in the peace of a meadow; the unconditional love of our pets; in a still life, reminding us of simple treasures.

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